We had a great showing at this event and we actually ate nearly all the food… This is always one of our best events of the year and we eagerly await each one. On with the recipes! Prime Rib Recipe: http://whatscookingamerica.net/Beef/ClassicPrimeRib.htm Best item of the night, Jeremy went all out and cooked this all day […]

Hey kats and kits, It’s that time of year again when you are forced to interact with your parents, your estranged drunken uncle Milton and a slew of cousins from Arkansas you barely remember.  Why not take a bit of the edge off of this forced familial contact with slices of beef so prime they […]

We pulled these recipes from a pair of Jeff Smith cook books, so all attributed recipes are created by that dude and we are not at all trying to rip him off. Whitefish in Paper Frugal Gourmet pg 255 3 lbs whitefish fillets Olive or peanut oil Cooking parchment paper Mirepoix of Vegetables (pg 243) […]