Cooking Army started in November of 2005 when Jeremy, Jean-Paul, and Jason all took a cooking class at the Chopping Block and thought, “We should learn how to really cook, but without the $100 classes”. For that amount of money, they could just buy a bunch of food and cook it themselves and invite a bunch of friends over to eat it. So they did. After the first couple of Cooking Army events, Chris joined to make it a quartet.

Every three weeks (we had to cut back now that Jean-Paul is on assignment in California), an email invite will go out announcing the delicious menu we’ve concocted and where we will be feasting. Requests of beer, wine, and other booze are made, but not required to attend. Nothing else need be brought except perhaps friends to help us eat. The following Wednesday at about 6:30pm, everyone comes over, the three of us cook, and everyone eats. That’s pretty much been the case, with a few exceptions, for over 15 years now.