If there is one thing I have learned in life, it’s never to read books. Books are a vile invention. Oh, sure, they look all innocent and harmless and, sure, they promise hours of imaginative entertainment. It is all just a ruse, my friends! Books, much like guns or the TSA, give you a false […]

This week was breakfast food: sausages, pancakes, n’ biscuits! Sausage – http://cookieandclaire.blogspot.com/2011/12/cooking-breakfast-sausage-in-oven.html This was damn good sausage. Jeremy also collected about half a tomato sauce jar worth of grease from it. Roasted vegetable frittata (doubled) We roasted the veggies the night before. We’ll need to make two frittata’s rather than trying to double it. 2 […]

Cooking Army is back!

January 6th, 2013

Sorry about the brief hiatus! I got lazy and stopped posting. Well, that ends now and I’ve posted our next invite for the new year. My resolution is to keep on track with posting here more often. /Chris

Eaters, I went to Georgia for Christmas and had the best breakfast sausage ever from  Stripling’s General Store. I decided to share it with all you’ll. Unfortunately, it was closed when we went to pick it up, so you get the sausage from Salt Lick instead. I’ve never had it. Hopefully it’s good. In case […]