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Hey Everybody! A few weeks ago, I was ruminating on the banana rum we still have from my wedding in the Caribbean and how we should drink more rum. With bananas. So, this week at Cooking Army, we’re going bananas! Literally! Everything will have bananas and/or banana like product. By that I mean, plantains are […]

Hey Friends! This week at Cooking Army, I want to dig deep and get back to our roots. Get down into the earth and rip our meal straight from Gaia’s bounty… that’s right, we’re eating root vegetables! We’re getting healthy and there’s not a single thing you can do to stop me! Muahaha! Well, you […]

Hola Compadres! This past week, my wife and I took a cruise down to the Caribbean and visited San Juan for the first time. We have the sunburn to prove it! We got to experience some of the local cuisine and thought it would be nice to share it with our fellow Cooking Army friends. […]