Howdy everyone, This week at cooking army we celebrate the unbelievably delicious and varied food of New Orleans. New Orleans is a city everybody should treat their stomach to at some point. Sure there is a ton of poverty, and sure it’s effectively built to encourage biblical-grade flooding, but from a culinary perspective there is […]

This Cooking Army went fantastic with 2 of the sauces being great, butternut squash soup was amazing as ever, and I stumbled upon a great flour-less chocolate cake recipe. Had a good turnout too with about 15 people. Tomato-Cream Sauce for Pasta – This was the weakest sauce of the night, which is to […]

Howdy friends, This week at the Cooking Army, we’re going to try our hands at the gentle art of the sauce. Strong sauce, spicy sauce, sweet sauce, and none of that weak sauce. We’ll also have some fixin’s to pour the sauces over, but our focus will be to come away with something you can […]