We had our first hospitalized troop this week. It’s actually impressive we’ve been doing Cooking Army for six and a half years and this is our first purple heart. But potato peeling? Really? Why can’t JP just get shrapnel to the ass like everyone else? Schnitzel (chicken and pork) For this, we didn’t really have […]

This week, we at the Cooking Army are celebrate the foods of one of the most belligerent nations in history. Yes, it’s time for German food once again. We will be serving some Schnitzel. We will be offering our oxtail soup. We will be passing the pretzels. You will be bringing the beverages (beer). Please […]

Had a damn good showing, 17 people for this one! Woo! Shredded Beef Tacos: http://gimmesomeoven.com/slow-cooker-shredded-beef-tacos/ These were pretty standard tacos, still pretty tasty though. Chorizo and Cheese stuffed Poblano Peppers: http://www.food.com/recipe/spicy-chorizo-stuffed-poblano-peppers-with-cheese-474914 These were awesome. Dripping with cheese… It’s too bad we only made a couple. Tilapia Ceviche: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/marcela-valladolid/tilapia-ceviche-recipe/index.html This was the gold star of the […]

Hey Kids, It’s been a while since we last toiled in the kitchen for you all and I think it’s about time I gave myself something else to complain about. To that end, in honor of spring, and also in honor of other things that have no direct relation to this, we will be making […]