This week at the Cooking Army, we will be having a celebration of sorts. JeanPaul is having his annual birthing anniversary, reached a truly ancient and venerable age. We decided to let him make a few choices while he was still cogent for this week’s menu and he has declared we make soups and pasta. […]

This week we will be using you all as guinea pigs and combining Thai food with bacon grease. What could go wrong? (Other than grease fires and heart disease.) We are certain the strong flavors of Thai food will stand up to the wonder of bacon grease. Thai curry with bacon grease Pad Thai with […]

No Cooking Army this week

September 4th, 2012

Just wanted to update that Cooking Army has been delayed again and is currently scheduled to return next week. The Summer always creates gaps like this when there’s too much fun stuff to do outside. Fear not though, we will return to fill your bellies soon.