Chinese – 2/11/2015 – Invite

Posted February 9th, 2015 by Chris

China. Its global domination will soon be upon us. But if my viewing of popular science fiction is any indication (which it certainly is), at least we will soon be flying across the Verse, hiring a crew, finding a job, and keeping on flying. Until that time, though, we might as well get used to the native cuisine that we hijacked and made our own and then sold back to them with true red, white, and blue American grit, determination, and elbow grease. It’s Americanized food so there’s guaranteed to be some sort of grease involved. So come join us for our next Cooking Army featuring “Chinese” food. We’ll be serving up some of your favorite dishes you order from your local hole-in-the-wall Chinese place.

Stuff and junk!

When: Wednesday, February 11th, dinner at 7:30, cooking at 6:30
What: Veggie Fried Rice, General Tsao’s Chicken, Sweet and Sour Chicken

Bring your friends, bring your hardened arteries, it’s time to eat.

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