Luck of the Irish – 3/30/2022 – Invite

Posted March 28th, 2022 by Chris

Hello there!

There were a few recipes within the past couple weeks that I’ve been wanting to do, but just my luck, the timing just hasn’t worked out. I had these Irish recipes that would have been perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, but that blew past us like a phantom L train. Well, you lucky Cooking Army folks get to enjoy them now instead! Muahaha! Err… they’ll be delicious!

When: This Wednesday, March 30th. Cooking at 6:30, food should be ready by 7-7:30.
Where: Chris’ public pub
What: Guinness Beef Stew, Roasted Asparagus, Irish Soda Bread

As always, no need to RSVP and feel free to bring any friends and/or beverages you prefer, any drinks or desserts are always appreciated! Bring your friends, bring your bellies, it’s time to eat.


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