Red Red Wine – 9/14/2022 – Invite

Posted September 12th, 2022 by Chris

Welcome again folks!

This week’s menu is brought to you by the recent dinner we had with friends where they left an enormous amount of red wine as leftovers. To take advantage of this windfall, we are going to wine and dine you this Wednesday. With red wine in all the dishes. That’s right! I’m back to my “How many dishes can Chris make with a single ingredient?” ways. I tried to find dishes where the red wine wasn’t too overt, but lets face it, we may add extra in our attempts to imitate Keith Floyd. And with any luck, you’ll be too tipsy to notice!

When: This Wednesday, September 14th. Cooking/arrivals at 6:30, food should be ready by 7:30.
Where: Chris’ vineyards
What: 4 Cheese Sun-Dried Tomato and Spinach Pasta, Red Wine–Braised Chicken With Chorizo and Chickpeas, Red Wine Chocolate Snack Cake

As always, no need to RSVP, if you can show up, great! If not, that’s cool too. Everyone is encouraged to bring a beverage of your choice and desserts are ALWAYS welcome, but again, not mandatory. Bring your friends, bring your bellies, it’s time to eat.


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