Round and Flat – 5/3/2023 – Invite

Posted May 1st, 2023 by Chris

Hello friends!

While racking my brain for wonderful delicacies to bring to you within a colorful menu, I decided to make a 90 degree turn. I have often relied on using a single ingredient and taking it to it’s completely illogical conclusion in the form of an entire meal, but what if I were to instead rely on geometric shapes? Thus, this week, we bring you: Round and Flat! It’s like re-inventing the wheel all over again!

When: This Wednesday, May 3rd. Cooking/arrivals at 6:30, food should begin to be ready by 7:15-ish.
Where: Chris’ geometry class
What: Lemon blueberry pancakes, Homemade pizzas with various toppings, Norwegian cookies

As always, no need to RSVP, if you can show up, great! If not, that’s cool too. Everyone is encouraged to bring a beverage of your choice and desserts are ALWAYS welcome, but again, not mandatory. Bring your friends, bring your bellies, it’s time to eat.


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