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Hello there! There were a few recipes within the past couple weeks that I’ve been wanting to do, but just my luck, the timing just hasn’t worked out. I had these Irish recipes that would have been perfect for St. Patrick’s Day, but that blew past us like a phantom L train. Well, you lucky […]

Greetings Eaters! It’s been some time, but we’re back! After our brief hibernation and recovery from the holidays, the Cooking Army is back to serve you some grub. Now that we’re in the throes of deep Chicago winter, it’s time to warm up those bellies with comfort food to raise that body temperature. I’m also […]

Hello Eaters, Pre-Covid we had an annual house party we call the Christmas Tree Burn where I cook ribs and pork butt and salmon and we pass out Christmas Tree branches to the small children to throw on the fire. We’ll be doing that this week! Minus the ribs, kids and Christmas Tree. Come and eat, […]

Hello Hello!It’s finally gotten cold out, children are diving into piles of leaves and gaining bruises because those things are not nearly as cushioned as TV leads you to believe… People are carving pumpkins that will be prime for smashing in a week, which means it’s time for some fall food! We’re bringing back a […]

Hello Friends! The very first thing I must do is apologize to our friends who may be lactose intolerant. We have nothing against you, it is a particular curse I would not wish on most of my enemies. With that said, this week’s menu includes CHEESE. Feta, provolone, cheddar, gruyere, graviera or kefalograviera or kasseri or kefalotyri (depending on […]

My fellow Cooking Army Eaters, It has come to my attention that it is entirely too cold outside. In that regard, we shall attempt to warm everyone deep down in their bellies by utterly drenching everything in bourbon this week. Even if we don’t get you warm enough, maybe we can get you to have […]

Pumpkin – 10/2/2019 – Invite

September 30th, 2019

With Autumn finally here and Halloween around the corner, I’ve decided to see what we can do with everyone’s favorite gourd: the pumpkin. From what I’ve found online, it’s a whole lot! While the “Pumpkin Chicken & Waffles” sounded interesting, I just couldn’t bring myself to violate a chicken like that… Instead, we’ll be mixing […]

Since the weather has finally changed so that we can go outside without freezing or getting rained on, it’s time to break out the grill! And we’re doing it in style with some homemade fancy stuffed burgers! You want bacon? You want BBQ? You want apples in your burger? We’ve got it. We’ll also have […]

Sorry for the mildly late invite, but I had this whole thing setup where it was warm and sunny and I was gonna open up the grill because it’s finally warm again! And then I remembered it’s Chicago and it’s gonna be in the 30’s on Wednesday. So while this means we’ll have to wait […]

Hola friends! I haven’t been particular inspired for a specific theme for this week, so instead I’ve put together a menu of things that are in-season for February and looked particularly tasty to me. Take that as you may, but I’m a little excited to try some of these… Foods! When: This Wednesday, February 20th. […]